..... when paying who should the check be made payable to?
All checks should be made payable to : LV Outcasts AAU

..... how much does it costs to play Outcasts AAU?
The average cost per girl is about $500 per season. In order to reduce the costs to parents, we have a 2 tiered payment plan consisting of a fee and a fund raisers. The fee will vary with the age levels and is associated with tournaments played. The fund raiser will be calendar raffle or a buyout.

..... are there any ways to offset fees?
Yes, if you can supply a donar (s) who contribute $500 or more, your fee will be waived. If they contribute between $250 and $500, your fee will be reduced apprpriately.

..... are there any other financial assistance available?
Yes, financial aid is available for those in need. A request to the Board of Directors will initiate the process.

..... what other costs are involved with playing AAU basketball?
There is a one time uniform charge of $100 payable when your daughter is assigned to a team. Costs of travel to tournaments, food, and lodging (if applicable) are NOT included and are the responsibility of each parent.

..... will the best 10 girls at each age level be placed on one competitive team?
Probably not, the coach picking the team will pick a complete team (G, C, F) that he/she feels will be the most competitive. It makes no sense to take the 5 best guards and not any big people. The organization expects that all the teams will be highly competitive.

..... will my daughter be playing with the same girls from last year's team?
Not necessarily. As with any organization players are added, some leave , some find other sports to play. 5th grade through 7th grade teams will try to keep some continuity in the teams. We believe this helps in their development. 8th grade and above teams will be chosen each year by the coaches.

..... how are the tournaments determined?
Before the start of the season, each coach will meet with his team's parents and agree to which tournaments they will attend.

..... does each team play the same amount of tournaments?
No. Most of the younger girls have yet to select their sport of choice. Softball, volleyball, soccer, track, etc. take up a lot of your daughters time as well. Older girls usually have committed to basketball at this age. The younger girls' season will be kept short while the older girls season will run into June / early July.

..... what about practice time?
We increase the gym rental budget every year. Each team practice will practice at least twice a week, some three times

..... my daughter attends Outcasts Skills & Drills, is she guaranteed a spot on the AAU team?
No, but probably, yes. We will be taking an average of 10 girls per team. As long as we have enough coaches we will put together multiple teams at each level and leave no girl behind.  

..... I coach a team that wants to play AAU, can I enter the whole team as an Outcast team?
Yes. Board approval is required and compliance with Outcasts rules, regulations, and code of conducts must be adhered to. Contact Art Murphy as soon as possible with your request.

..... when are OUTCASTS tryouts?
AAU season tryouts take place in January for grade school players and February for high school players. Attending weekly Skills & Drills Clinic sessions at the Bethlehem Township Community Center is an excellent way to expose your daughters to the Outcasts' coaches.

..... how much playing time is guaranteed during tournaments?
While striving to win every game - we will try to get every player at least 40 % of the game as playing time. For the elimination tournaments like Nationals, Regionals, SuperRegionals or tournaments that have an elimination process, the coach will have discretion over playing time.
If a girl misses too many practices or does not have legitimate excuses, the coach may limit her playing time during that week's tournaments.

..... can my daughter play for the Outcasts as well as another AAU program?
No.  AAU does NOT allow a girl to play for 2 different organizations except for Nationals.  The only team that we allow OUTCASTS girls to play with during the AAU season is the girl's school team. Playing with multiple Outcasts teams is allowed, however.

..... I want to help out but I can't commit to be a head coach, can I help?
Yes. We are always looking for coaches. If we have too many girls at a specific age level, we may need you to step in to the head coaching spot in order to have a team for the girls. The organization will provide you with all the help you need including practice and game assistance.

...... how do I get in touch with the Outcasts?
Call Art Murphy  evenings after 7:00  (484) 554-3585 or email him at  ajmurphy12@yahoo.com.