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General Manager Murphy's Desk
OUTCASTS AAU Basketball, Inc.

September 22, 2010


It is time once again to update you on the many aspects of OUTCASTS AAU basketball. When Erv McLain and I sat down in 2002 to form the OUTCASTS, we wanted to give the Girls of the Lehigh Valley area a home to play competitive basketball at the highest level.  Improvement in  each girl's skills and understanding of the game was our main priority.  We wanted to give them a competitive advantage over their school teammates.

Well 8 seasons later, we have become the leading Girls AAU program in the Lehigh Valley area, have many Outcasts playing in college, and have become a recognized respected AAU program both regionally and nationally.

In the past 3 seasons we have won 5 Regional Championships along with a dozen or so local or minor tournaments.  We have sent 4 teams to AAU Nationals and have competed well at each against the best teams in the country.

The Board of Directors have no desire to sit on our laurels.  This fall we will totally revamp our Skills and Drills clinic - now called HOOP Clinic.  Each week a different discipline will be emphasized.  We will have one session each Sunday for the younger and less experienced girls and one session for the older and more experienced girls.  Participation will not only prepare your daughters for the upcoming fall/winter basketball season but will give your daughter exposure to AAU coaches prior to AAU tryouts in February.

We plan to enter teams from 4th grade through High School in the 2011 AAU season, 10 teams in all.  3 National teams will also be formed from the AAU teams to compete in Disney, Tennessee,  Virginia, and Syracuse.

Starting February we will be conducting tryouts for this upcoming AAU season.  Again this year we will be conducting multiple tryout dates.  It will behoove you to make as many tryouts as possible especially the early ones.

We understand the economic times we are living in.  As such, we have made all attempts to keep the cost down. When compared to other organization in the Lehigh Valley and other club sports like volleyball and softball, we give you more bang for your buck.

The cost to play AAU consists of 3 phases.  The first phase is the fee.  The amount of the fee portion differs from team to team and is determined by the number of tournaments entered.  The second phase is the fundraiser portion.  You have the choice of selling (15) raffle tickets at $10 each or taking the buyout of $125.  If you sell all your tickets, you actual costs to you for this phase would be $0.  The third phase is the uniform.  The cost is $100.  If you already have one, then you don't need to pay the $100.

If you have any questions, please email me at  or call me at (484) 554-3585 evenings.

Please forward this letter to anyone that you know might be interested in joining the Outcasts. I will also have this posted to our website Please check the website for updates.



Arthur J. Murphy
General Manager