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By, George Roxandich
Board of Directors

        The Lehigh Valley Outcasts was formed in 2002 as an alternative to other girls AAU basketball programs that concentrated only on providing a playing opportunity for off season play for already proven school team players. While these organizations filled a need, in most cases they did not develop skills in those who had only started recently or did not have a school coach who focused sufficiently on individual skills. Additionaly, the Lehigh Valley was losing quality players to the larger metropolitan areas to organizations that drew the talented athlete who wanted to challenge themselves against the best competition available.

       Back home after the AAU season these players had an obvious advantage against their school teammates whose parents could not afford that type of commitment. Some families spent 6 to 8 hours a week just to travel to practices to participate.  In addition,  the nearest games were based out of Philadelphia.

      The Outcasts had a vision that the Lehigh Valley could become that type of magnet. With intensive work and dedication on the part of the players, the Outcasts have become a force to be reckoned with throughout the Northeast United States . Top teams from Philadelphia , Long Island , New York , Metro-New Jersey, Rhode Island , Maryland , and elsewhere look forward to competing against the caliber of athletes that have become an Outcast trademark. "These teams do so at their own risk" as a  Long Island 12 year old team surprisingly  found itself on the wrong side of the win/loss column against a brand new Outcast 12's team. This team practices year round and ended their season ranked in the top 5 nationally and almost lost to a newly formed Outcast U12 team!

    Our U 15's finished with the Gold in Maryland and up until the final few minutes of many of tournament games, it looked as though it might be an Outcast sweep from the 12's through the 16's.

      Scranton found four Outcast teams, year old and two 14 year old teams finishing first and second in their respective brackets.

     Compliments from opposing coaches (many of whom have just experienced their teams first loss in recent memory), as well as kudos from referees impressed at their level of play, are common.  (Outcasts have a closely guarded reputation for their sportsmanship, win or lose).

     Attorney Erv McLain, the organizations founder is proud as can be at what the girls have been able to achieve. Erv is always looking for new top caliber coaches to take the girls to an even higher level. All the coaches we have are willing to help another coach and happy to learn something new themselves, said GM Art Murphy.  With Erv's original concept of an organization where no girl willing to dedicate herself would be excluded has propelled the organization from two to thirteen teams in the last few years combined with Art tireless promotion of the organization the momentum has become a juggernaut