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Mission Statement
    If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball.
              -- Phil Jackson

Our Mission: As you look at the rosters of the college basketball programs in our area it is disappointing to see that most of the players come from other areas. While we certainly don't expect all of our players to participate at this level, we want to make sure that they have the early opportunity do so. Our mission is to provide the greatest opportunity for players to develop their basketball skills and knowledge in an environment that promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and mutual respect.


Our Philosophy: Our philosophy is simple and straightforward. First, our primary focus is on player development and exposure to competition. We give each player the tools needed to reach her goals and objectives as she continues to grow within the sport as well as develop into a well-rounded individual. This is not to say that we don't want to win a few games but it is not our primary objective. We want our players to be competitive in their games and we judge our success on whether our players (and teams) are showing definite signs of improvement as the AAU season progresses. Every player wears the same uniform and receives the same training.


Who Can Play: We are not connected to ANY municipality. Therefore we accept players from whatever town or state that they come from. We are also not a "feeder program" for any particular school district or program. We are not necessarily looking for "basketball superstars" but there are certain things that are a must.

Kids that:
Are athletic
Are coachable
Have a strong desire and passion to learn basketball
Have basketball ability
Want to grow to their full potential
Want to go to practice (to develop new skills and learn club-wide plays)
Want to be a part of the team and club
Have parents who are supportive of our program and philosophies and are wiling to become personally involved at some level


Outcasts are different: Why should my child play for the Outcasts and not one of the other AAU clubs in the area? First choice is a GOOD thing! We may not be for everyone and in fact we are not. You have to be special to play with us. Parents and players have clear choices as it relates to youth basketball in the Lehigh Valley and this is a good thing. While we realize that high school basketball is important to some players and their families and we support this goal, we have higher expectations and goals for our players. Our aim is to make sure that if our players want to play at the College or Professional level that we have given them the foundation and exposure to competition to do so. We also become a family during the AAU season and every family joining the Outcasts must be ready and willing to accept all the responsibilities within our family.

Our Future: We don't necessarily want to be the biggest youth basketball club in the area, just the BEST youth basketball club in the area. We are well on our way to a slam dunk!